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Monthly Special Deals

  •   233,000 Points

    Summer in Turkey

    Five Stars Tours: 01-347773
    Travel to Marmaris/ Konya/Pamokali/Cappadocia Or to Istanbul/Cappadocia/Aksaray
    Round-trip tickets including transfers and airport taxes. The 6 nights includes:
    - Accomodation at an all inclusive 3 stars hotel in Marmariss
    - Accomodation in Konya, Pamokali and Cappadocia
    - 3 dinners
    233,000 Points per person
    Five Stars Tours: 01-347773
  •   70,000 Points

    Secure the future of a child by donating your points to Teach a Child

    Teach a Child: 01-747266
    Teach a Child is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to children across Lebanon to help them enroll in public schools, regardless of their gender, religion, location or performance.
    The aim of this NGO is to fund the children of families in need by paying all the expenses of their education, until they finish their schooling.
    Teach a Child: 01-747266

  •   70,000 Points

    Sponsor an orphan by donating your Golden points to Sadouk Al Zakat

    Sandouk Al Zakat: 01-770770
    Sponsor an orphan or support hospitalization and social aid by donating your Golden points to Sandouk al Zakat.
    The Zakat Fund in Lebanon is an organization whose objective is to revive divine obligation, strengthen social solidarity and nurture the poor, needy and orphans.
    Sandouk Al Zakat: 01-770770

  • 133,000 121,000 Points

    iPhone 4s 8GB

    Interlink: 01-612141
    iPhone 4s 8GB (Black-White)
    Interlink: 01-612141

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