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Car Loan - Sayarati
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Car Loan - Sayarati
Personal Loan - Kardi

BLOM Bank Car Loan - Sayarati

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Get a sayarati car loan from BLOM Bank to finance the car of your dreams today!

You have found the perfect car. You are ready to purchase it, and whether if it is new or used, we have the right car loan for you. Go through the below to get more details on our new and used car loan options.

What do I have to know about “Sayarati” program for new car loans in Lebanon?
Our new car loan and used car loan programs offer competitive interest rates, flexible repayment plan periods, and reasonable down payments.
  • Reimbursement period: varies between 1 & 6 years
  • Down payment: 25% of the vehicle's value
What do I have to know about “Sayarati” program for used car loans in Lebanon?
Worry-free, competitive used car loan rates issued through BLOM Bank.
  • Reimbursement period: varies between 1 & 5 years
  • Down payment: 25% of the vehicle's value
What are the conditions to apply for “Sayarati”?
Apply online to confirm eligibility for BLOM Bank's car loans, or see below for a quick glance.
  • Age: you need to be between 18 & 64 years old at the issuance of the loan
  • Income: your monthly income has to exceed 3 times the amount of monthly payments
  • Employment: you must be employed in the public or private sector, a professional or self-employed
  • Requirements:
    • A mortgage on the car
    • An all-risk  policy or total loss insurance on the vehicle from Arope Insurance sal.
What are the extra benefits I get with this loan?
Enjoy these free bonuses when applying for a new or used car loan through BLOM Bank's Sayarati program:
  • A free MasterCard Classic for the first year
  • A free life insurance on the outstanding loan amount
  • A free registration in the FAST service with every all-risk insurance policy or Turbo insurance 
How can I calculate my car loan payments before applying?
    Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision requiring foresight and preplanning. To see what your monthly car loan repayment will be, use our car loan calculator before your apply online.
How can I apply for “Sayarati”?
  • Visit any BLOM Bank branch to get the necessary information
  • Fill out an application at the premises of any car dealer
  • Contact BLOM Bank's Call Center on: 00961-1-753000
  • Please click here to apply online
*BLOM Bank sal reserves the right to accept or reject any application.
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