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eBLOM - Internet Banking
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eBLOM - Internet Banking
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eBLOM - Internet Banking
Bringing trust to e-Banking.

Did you ever imagine that you could access and manage your accounts while sitting in the comfort of your home or while on the move anywhere around the world?
Today, all this is possible through the new eBlom Internet Banking delivery channel. Just by getting connected, you may have online, real-time access to a wide range of services, including:
  • Check your accounts summary
  • View statements by date
  • View pending transactions
  • Request checkbooks
  • Monitor the status of your checks deposited for collection
  • Perform transfers between your accounts (with foreign exchange)
  • Check your Visa cards available balance
  • Check your Visa golden points
  • Retrieve the Golden Rewards you are eligible for
  • Set your Visa cards safety limits (not available for Bankernet cards)
  • Hold and release your Visa and Bankernet cards
  • Download your accounts summary and statement of accounts into a file that you can import into Excel, financial applications, text based editors
  • Receive SMS Alerts on your mobile phone (supported with more than 150 mobile operators in 85 countries)
  • Receive confirmation messages whenever you perform an operation using your accounts through the Internet Banking service
  • Receive messages from the Bank
  • Send us your feedback and comments
  • Try our product simulators and fill applications online
  • Give meaningful names for your accounts and cards for easier identification

Bringing trust to e-Banking.
To subscribe to eBlom Internet Banking, you need to follow this step-by-step process:
About Security
With eBlom Internet Banking, you can do your banking in a climate of trust, privacy and confidentiality. In fact, we have adopted a very sophisticated authentication system based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that guarantees the confidentiality and the integrity of your transactions and whereby we do not accept any transaction on your behalf unless it has been electronically signed by you.
The electronic signature is the counterpart of a handwritten signature. It is based on a set of public/private keys where the public key may be available to everyone and is used to verify data sent by the private key holder. The private key on the other hand is used to sign the data and it never leaves its owner and is only known to him. This set of keys is not provided to the client by the bank, instead it is generated by a user application on the client's PC, which ensures that he or she is the only holder of the private key.
The combination of electronic signatures and strong encryption (128 bits) in our eBlom Internet Banking provides optimum security for any banking transaction performed over the Internet. The encryption and signature of transaction is totally managed by the eBlom Internet Banking Security Software installed on the client's PC and a rotating key on the client's taskbar indicates that the eBlom Internet Banking Security Software is running

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Is there any system time constraint?
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User's guide
  • What does eBlom Internet Banking user’s guide contain?
  • What is eBlom Internet Banking?
  • What do I need to access eBlom Internet Banking?
  • How do I use eBlom Internet Banking?
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  • What is my eBlom Internet Banking profile?
  • What is the lifecycle of my eBlom Internet Banking profile?
  • What is the cost of enrolling to eBlom Internet Banking?
  • Where can I get further help?
  • Are there times during which eBlom Internet Banking will not be available?

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