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Free Wifi in branches

06 June 2017

BLOM Bank is happy to announce that clients can now enjoy free Wi-Fi while visiting the following branches:

Hamra, Raouche, Badaro, Ghobeiry, Dora, Mazraa, Sanayeh, Saifi, Achrafieh, Mar Elias, Koraitem, Tariq Al-Jedideh, Istiklal, Burj Abi Haidar, Chiyah, Ain El-Mreisseh, Bliss, Jnah, Maarad, Rmeil, Main Branch, Tabaris, Bab Idriss, Sodeco.

Free Wifi in branches
You can enjoy this service to manage your accounts online, activate your eBLOM account, browse through the Golden Points mobile application, etc… Note that it will be available soon in all branches.
N.B: You can check the Wi-Fi username and password on the LCD screens and on the queuing paper that you get in the branch.

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