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  • Alfa BLOM Corporate Platinum Card

Alfa BLOM Corporate Platinum Card

The Alfa BLOM Corporate MasterCard Platinum card is the first of its kind in Lebanon and the region is the ideal payment solution for all companies, offering both free talk time on Alfa mobile lines as well as platinum and corporate benefits along with a revolving line of credit.

Welcome Gift:

60 free minutes of talk time on any Alfa line.

Monthly Gift:

45 free minutes of talk time on a monthly basis.

Spending Reward:

8 free minutes of talk time with every USD100 spent on your purchases using the card.

Travel and Lifestyle Benefits:

Your employees can use the Alfa BLOM Corporate MasterCard card for travel expenses such as hotels, meals and car rentals and benefit from these extra features:
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Your employee will be covered during his flight against personal accident and emergency medical expenses with USD 150,000
  • Embassy Visa Support Documents: The card grants the cardholder a confirmation letter as a proof of insurance when applying to foreign embassies for Schengen Visas or others.
  • Free Access Airport Lounges: Present your MasterCard card and enjoy privileged access to a widespread list of airport lounges all over the Middle East.For the full list of the lounges, please click here.
  • Free Priority Pass Card: A simple and convenient membership card that allows you to access more than 600 airport VIP lounges around the world for a fee of USD 27(issued up on request). To find out how the Priority Pass works, please check below points:
    • You will receive a personalized membership card with a pin number to access the most up-to-date lounge information available.
    • Present your membership card to the reception when visiting any lounge, and a record-of-visit voucher will be issued for you to sign. If you have guests, they will also be recorded. An entrance fee of USD 27 per person will be charged to your account after every access.
    • You and your guests can simply ease and enjoy the comfort of a VIP lounge away from the commotion of the busy airport terminal. Have light refreshments, read the papers, watch TV or make the most of the peace & quiet and catch-up on work.

  • About the Alfa BLOM Corporate Platinum Card

    To learn more about the features included in the Alfa BLOM Corporate Platinum Card, please check the below points:
    • Spending limits may be distributed at your own preference among your managers and employees.
    • Free minutes on any Alfa line at the card level or at the corporate account level from the total expenses on the card. Using this card anywhere around the world will reward your company with complementary minutes of talking.
    • A variety of billing and payment options ensuring that your paymentprogram aligns with your business needs.
    • Tools to monitor employee compliance with corporate travel policy and analyze your preferred vendor programs with MIS Functionality.
    • Tools where you can view, track, and analyze spending data and expenses in addition to managing you’re spending by reports (available upon request).
      These reports can be provided by BLOM BANK, depending on your needs, according to the following categories:
      • By type of merchant
      • By credit or by debit
      • Per country
      • Per currency
      • Per employee

    Card Type MasterCard Titanium
    Currency USD or LBP
    Annual Fee USD 125 (or its equivalent in LBP)
    Monthly Interest Rate POS: USD: 1.50%  |  LBP: 2%
    ATM: USD: 2.5%  |  LBP: 2.55%
    Annual Percentage Rate POS: USD: 19.56%  |  LBP: 26.82%
    ATM: USD: 34.49%  |  LBP: 35.28%


  • Click here to download the key fact statement 


For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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