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  • BLOM Wedding Account

BLOM Wedding Account

BLOM Bank offers you an attractive Wedding Account, guaranteed to make your special day a rewarding one.

What are the advantages of opening a BLOM Wedding Account?

Upon opening a BLOM Wedding Account, you will instantly receive a bundle of products and services such as:
  • TWO free BLOM Visa personalized debit cards with the photo of your choice for purchases and ATM withdrawals across the world.
  • Free SMS alert service to notify you every time someone deposits money into your account.
  • Free BLOM Visa Classic credit card for the first year.(Conditions Apply)
  • Free monthly statement of account.
  • eBLOM activation - BLOM Bank's mobile and internet banking service. 


Payment Convenience:

  • Your guests can settle your wedding list payment through eBLOM - BLOM Bank's mobile and internet banking service for free. (Applicable to BLOM customers who have eBLOM)
  • Your guests will receive an SMS thanking them for their contribution.


Special Offers From Selected Merchants:

As a bride and groom, you will also benefit from the BLOM Wedding Account offers that are catered for you to save on all of your wedding expenses, when using your BLOM Wedding card at our preferred partners.


How can you apply for a BLOM Wedding List Account?

  • Visit any BLOM branch, and get assistance from our Customer Service Officers.
  • For more information, contact BLOM Bank's Customer Service Center on +961 01 753 000


BLOM Bank Wedding Loyalty Program

Home Accessories & Furniture
 Villeroy & Boch - 01 335 973

A Gift voucher as a percentage of the total purchase.


  Assaad Daoui -
01 755 100

Enjoy discounts on every purchase you make at Assad Daoui using your BLOM card:  
- 15% on furniture
- 5% on sales items  
- 10%  on kitchens, doors and wardrobes
- 50% on fabrics for upholstery 
- 20% on curtains

   Skaff -
01 683 020

Enjoy discounts on every purchase you make at Skaff using your BLOM card:
- 20% on fabrics & wallpapers
- 10% on furniture & home accessories
- Free personalized interior design consulting
- Free installation
- 1 year complimentary maintenance


  Geahchan Bath & Kitchen -
01 480 676

Geahchan Bath & Kitchen

Complete your bathroom and kitchen while enjoying a 30% discount when using your BLOM card at Geahchan Bath & Kitchen.



 HIMO - 01 216 880

- Wedding set from $3000- $4000 (HIMO gift card $300).
- Wedding set from $4,000- $5,000 (HIMO gift card $400).
- Wedding set from $5,000 and more(HIMO gift card $500 and more).


Honeymoon packages
  U Travel - 05 454 553

Plan your perfect honeymoon with UTravel and benefit from a 7% discount on packages when using your BLOM card.



  Ghorayeb Travel - 01 450 112

For your honeymoon, you will receive a 5% discount on honeymoon packages in addition to a free hotel-airport-hotel transfer.



Car Rental
  Halal Group - 04 530 028

20% on wedding cars.


Entertainment & Wedding Services
  Fiesta - 01 843 445

Fiesta is pleased to offer you a 20% discount on balloons and fireworks, and wrapping. 15% discount on gadgets, 15% discount on cakes, and 10% discount on animation.



Wedding Dresses & Suits
  Fiordelli - 09 639 777

Look your best on your wedding while enjoying a 30% discount on suits, in addition to a 20% discount on accessories and sports wear from Fiordelli when you pay using your BLOM card.

  Fiordelli Donna-
09 639 777

Fiordelli Donna is happy to offer you a 20% discount on evening dresses, in addition to a 15% discount on bridal dresses.

  Fiordelli Couture-
09 639 777

Benefit from an exclusive 20% discount on couture dresses offered by Fiordelli Couture.


Home Appliances
  Aghasarkissian - 01 241 000

Complete your home with all the needed electronics and appliances and enjoy between 3% and 10% discount when using your BLOM Wedding card at Aghasarkissian.


 Khaled Obeid - 06 435 555

Use your BLOM Wedding card at Khaled Obeid Tripoli and benefit from 10% discount on all electronic items (fridge, washing machine, oven, TV, air conditioner).

Antaki Group
 - 01 265771

10% discount on all brands offline and online (promo code: BLOM)



BLOM Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any application.

For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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