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Customer Service Center

BLOM Customer Service Center: A Service Champion and a Marketing Pillar

The BLOM Customer Service Center is equipped with the latest technology and software so as to increase its usage and capacity in order to widen its reach to embrace all products and services in an efficient and structured manner, to serve you better.

The BLOM Customer Service Center works 24/7 taking inbound calls to handle several topics and also initiating outbound campaigns related to several issues, not only for the bank, but also for all of the BLOM Bank Group’s entities.

It currently offers its services to clients of all BLOM branches in Lebanon and all over the world, as well as to Arope Insurance (BLOM Bank Group’s Insurance company) clients, to BLOM Development Bank (BLOM Bank Group’s Islamic Bank) clients, and to BLOM Bank Group’s employees themselves.

The BLOM Customer Service center is also the allocated help desk for BLOM’s acquiring business, which was launched in June 2007. Merchants can contact the Customer Service Center in case of any inquiries related to the BLOM POS machines and all transactions that take place on these machines.

The center is equipped with a high-tech IP telephony system to meet its heavy calls and communication requirements.

BLOM has ongoing expansion plans for this center in terms of new users and in terms of hardware and software which are being upgraded to have real paperless procedures and to optimize efficiency and productivity.

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