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  • The Classic Cards

The Classic Cards

Join the BLOM Visa and MasterCard classic credit and debit cards and enjoy the convenience of holding a payment card!

Paywave Feature (For Visa cards)

Your BLOM Visa classic cad has been developed to provide you with more secure payments through the chip technology (EMV Chip), and faster and easier payments with the NFC technology. All you need to do is to wave your card in front of the POS machine to complete the transaction.


  • For transactions that are less than USD 25 no need to sign on the payment slip.
  • For transactions that are greater than USD 25, you will need to sign on the payment slip

You need to memorize your card’s PIN code, as some POS machines might request the PIN code to complete the transaction.



What do I need to know about the BLOM Classic family of cards?

  • Types: available as debit or credit 
  • Currency: USD or LBP
  • Free monthly statement of account


What benefits do I get with the BLOM Classic family of cards?

Benefit from Instant Discounts
You could also enjoy exclusive discounts when making purchases at certain merchants. To know more visit


Personalize this Card
You can personalize your BLOM Classic car by adding a picture from the wide variety found in our Image Library, or with adding a personal picture from your own collection (picture of a loved one, a pet, or any other personal favorite). Click here to visit the dedicated website.


Free SMS Alerts
Receive SMS alerts as soon as your card is used via ATM or POS, the SMS will include details about the transaction in addition to the remaining card balance. This service is free of charge if ativated through eBLOM or for a fee of
USD 1/month in case you do not have eBLOM.


Convenient Repayment 24/7 on any BLOM smart ATM or via mobile application (for credit cards)
Enjoy the convenience of setting your credit card’s payment anytime from the eBLOM mobile application or the nearest BLOM smart ATM. Not only is this service convenient, it is also free of charge.


eBLOM – Internet And Mobile Banking
Enjoy real-time access to your card and account, along with other unique features that are constantly expanded. Download eBLOM mobile app on your smart phone 90 (Android or IOS) and start benefiting from eBLOM’s easy and safe technology after filling a onetime application at your branch.


About the BLOM Visa Classic Credit Card

  • Life Insurance covering the outstanding balance in case of death (conditions apply).
  • The BLOM Visa Classic cards are cards that offers the convenience of a revolving line of credit. You can choose to repay in 2 ways:

             - You can accumulate all your purchases and repay the total amount of your spending before the
               10th of the month interest free, benefiting from a 45-day grace period.
             - Settle a portion of your spending every month, starting from 3%, with a minimum of USD 20 for
               USD cards and LBP 25,000 for LBP cards.


Monthly Interest Rate POS: USD: 1.5%  |  LBP: 1.75%
ATM: USD: 2.5%  |  LBP: 2.55%
Annual Percentage Rate POS: USD: 19.56%  |  LBP: 23.14%
ATM: USD: 34.49%  |  LBP: 35.28%
  • Annual fee:

  USD 40 for USD cards

- LBP 25,000 for LBP cards

  • Click here to download the key fact statement 


BLOM Visa Classic debit Card:

  • Annual fee: USD 75 (or its equivalent in LBP)
  • Click here to download the key fact statement

For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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