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  • BLOM Visa Electron Card
  • BLOM Visa Watan Card

The Electron Cards

Get all the benefits of a Visa Electron Card and more by applying to anyone of these different personalized cards by BLOM Bank.

Pick the card that suits your needs and enjoy the best services by BLOM Bank, including ease of payment inside and outside of Lebanon.
BLOM Visa Electron Card

BLOM Visa Electron Card

Your account is within reach anytime, anywhere… BLOM VISA Electron is not only an ATM card, it can be used for your every day shopping from retail shops, supermarkets, restaurants, gasoline stations,...
BLOM Visa Watan Card

BLOM Visa Watan Card

The BLOM Visa WATAN card has the same features as the BLOM Visa Electron Card. However, the BLOM WATAN card is especially catered for those who are in the Military sector, as shown by its special...
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