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  • Damanati Plus

Damanati Plus

"Damanati" is a USD saving program coupled with a life insurance...

What do you have to know about “Damanati Plus”?

  • Damanati Plus is an investment program in USD, coupled with a life insurance from Arope Insurance
  • The premium insurance policy covers death. The insurance may also cover passive war risk, accidental death, total permanent disability and partial permanent disability
  • The investment in this program will guarantee a minimum return set yearly for the upcoming year and rescheduled yearly throughout the program’s lifetime currently 4%. The investment will be set by a common steering committee consisting of BLOM Bank sal and Arope Insurance so as to ensure that you receive the optimum return with minimal risk.
  • Damanati Plus offers the ultimate payment flexibility as the deposits may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • The policy can be amended once a year before maturity at the subscriber’s discretion (premium, coverage, indexation etc…)
  • You must be aged between 18 and 65 years to benefit from this program
  • You can withdraw the accumulated cash value any time before maturity
  • The program matures when the subscriber is 75 years old
  • You can choose to increase the policy premium or the policy coverage by any percentage of your choice
  • Additional payments can be deposited and will accumulate the same interest rate*
  • The deposits may start from USD 30 per month

* Subject to the approval of Arope

Why should you choose “Damanati Plus”?

  • Damanati plus insures your life and your savings and ensure that you save for your retirement or other major events.
  • Damanati plus offers you a multi-coverage insurance policy from Arope Insurance. In addition you have the option to amend conditions of coverage or payment yearly
  • The monthly or yearly deposits can be automatically transferred if you have a personal account at BLOM Bank
  • The life insurance covering death may have the face value from USD 10,000 to USD 1,000,000
  • Damanati plus also provides you with liquidity with the capacity to borrow on your cash value

What extras do you get from “Damanati Plus”?

  • A free un-embossed MasterCard or Visa Electron for the first year
  • A free BLOM debit card free for the first year is offered to you at the end of the 3rd year
  • A BLOM credit card with a credit limit up to 50 % of the ending cash value*
  • A loan up to 50% of the ending cash value*


*Terms & conditions apply.


How do you apply for “Damanati Plus”?

  • Pass by any of our branches and get assistance from our customer service officers.
  • Contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at: 01-753000

For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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