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  • eBLOM - Internet Banking

eBLOM - Internet Banking

eBLOM online banking is the key to a wide range of online banking services to help you control your accounts, loans and cards from anywhere in the world. Just by getting connected, eBLOM will grant you real-time access to your accounts, cards and transactions, along with other unique features that are constantly updated.


You can access your eBLOM account through the classic version or you can download the eBLOM mobile app on your smart phone, in order to get everything you need to manage your accounts and cards while enjoying your daily activities. With an easy-to use navigation you will discover useful features that will make your banking lifestyle simpler than it has ever been.


Get access to your account when you need it:

  • Check or download statement of your accounts, cards and loans
  • Transfer money from/to your own accounts at BLOM Bank with foreign exchange
  • Transfer money to an account outside BLOM, locally and internationally with foreign exchange*
  • Check your account’s IBAN and BLOM Bank’s BIC code
  • Send cash money via the eCASH service to anyone without the need for a card
  • Customize each of your accounts by:
    • Activating/deactivating the SMS Alerts service and setting thresholds
    • Setting nicknames for easier management of the account

      * You must sign a beneficiary form at the branch to be able to transfer money to an account outside BLOM.

      • Manage your cards whenever you want:
      • Check your BLOM cards’ available balance and the used amounts in the current month
      • Check the unsettled payments on your credit cards
      • Change the safety limits of your cards
      • Activate/deactivate the SMS Alerts service on your cards
      • Set nicknames for your cards
      • Hold and release your cards
      • Order a prepaid card
      • Recharge your internet card and/or prepaid card


      Learn more about the perks that BLOM’s loyalty program offers you:

    • Check your BLOM Golden Points/Miles balance and the items you can redeem your points for
    • Settle your online purchases with your accumulated Golden Points/Miles**

    • Check the tailor-made services at your convenience: 
    • Pay institutional and tuition bills**
    • Request a checkbook
    • Monitor the status of your checks deposited for collection
    • Recharge your Alfa/touch prepaid line
    • Calculate your vehicle tax
    • Pay all your Port of Beirut fees
    • Find the nearest BLOM Bank branch, ATM and smart ATM
    • Get instant assistance with the Video**/Live Chat Support Service


    **These services are available only through eBLOM mobile app

    Accessibility and Security



    You can get access to your eBLOM account using the same username and password that is applicable to all BLOM Bank’s online banking platforms (desktop, mobile version & mobile app).



    BLOM Bank has made all possible arrangements to turn your online banking experience into a highly secured platform where you can manage your banking operations with guaranteed confidentiality.

    To enhance the security of our online banking services, we have adopted a very sophisticated authentication platform coupled with SMS-based One-Time-Passwords (OTPs):

    Two-factor Authentication for an Enhanced Security

    Two-factor authentication uses a combination of two different factors for verifying your identity: something you know i.e. your username and password, and something you have, i.e. your mobile phone.


    SMS-based One-Time-Password (OTP)

    BLOM Bank will send you, on a monthly basis, a set of SMS containing a one-time password (OTP) that you can use to login to the eBLOM Internet Banking service. Each OTP is used only once and expires within a limited period of time.


    How to access eBLOM?


    Enroll to the eBLOM online banking service for free by visiting your branch and signing the enrollment form.Once enrolled, you can access your eBLOM account from your desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other internet-connected device by visiting https://eblom.blombank.com, or by downloading the eBLOM mobile app then providing your username, password and OTP.


    How to access eBLOM App?


    Download the eBLOM app from the App Store for iOS, or from Google Play Store for Android.Use your existing eBLOM login details (username, password and OTP)to log in.


    You can always access eBLOM’s mobile version website through your smart phone via www.blombank.mobi

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