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Mobile Applications

BLOM Bank offers you a variety of mobile applications to make your banking experience more enjoyable. Discover the various BLOM Bank mobile applications on the AppStore or via Google Play.
Mobile Applications

eBLOM - Mobile Banking application:

eBLOM online banking is the key to a wide range of online banking services to help you control your accounts, loans and cards from anywhere in the world. Just by getting connected, eBLOM will grant you real-time access to your accounts, cards and transactions, along with other unique features that are constantly updated.
Download the eBLOM mobile app on your smart phone, in order to get everything you need to manage your accounts and cards while enjoying your daily activities. With an easy-to use navigation you will discover useful features that will make your banking lifestyle simpler than it has ever been.

Download the eBLOM app on your iOS devices
Download the eBLOM app on your Android devices

BLOM Golden Points/Miles application:

The BLOM Golden Points app gives you the possibility to browse through the available gifts you can redeem your loyalty points with. Use the Golden Points simulator that will help you choose your gifts depending on the number of points you have and that can filter the results for you by category, keyword and merchant.

Download the Golden Points app on your iOS devices
Download the Golden Points app on your Android devices

NEXT  application

 Are you between 12 and 25?
Then the NEXT program is exclusively designed for you if you wish to become a more responsible and independent individual, and want to prepare for what lies ahead of you.
You can check out the NEXT Mobile App and carry your own card, developed for teenagers and young adults.


Click here to know more about Next Card

Download the NEXT app on your iOS device

Download the NEXT app on your Android device



Shop & Save application for Beirut Traders Shopping carldholders:

Download the state of art Beirut Traders Shopping card mobile application from your smartphone (Android or iOS) and browse through the countless deals and offers you can benefit from at LeMall or at any of the participating merchants with the Beirut Traders Shopping Card. Get details and directions to a certain retailer and receive notifications whenever you are near a participating merchant.

Download the BLOM BTA app on your IOS devices
Download the BLOM BTA app on your Android devices

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