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  • Oumnyati Savings Program

Oumnyati Savings Program

Earn up to 5.5% interest on your savings with BLOM Bank's Oumnyati Program. Start saving today by depositing from as low as $50 or LBP 75,000 every month.

With no minimum balance required to open an account, Oumnyati Savings Program will allow you to earn high interest on small amounts.

What do I need to know about Oumnyati Savings Program?

  • No minimum balance
  • The interest is paid monthly
  • Currency: LBP or USD
  • Capital lock period: 3 Years
  • Account fees: only $1 per month or LBP 1,500


How does the Oumnyati Savings Program work?

  • Deposit any amount between $50 and $2,000 (or LBP 75,000 and LBP 3,000,000) on a monthly basis, and earn interest accordingly:


    USD Account

    LBP Account

    1st year



    2nd year



    3rd year




  • Additional benefits :

  • Free eBLOM internet and mobile banking
  • Possibility to benefit from a personal loan, with an amount up to 90% of the available balance
  • Free classic credit card with a credit limit up to 90% of the available balance

    How can you apply?

  • Contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at: 01-753000
  • Pass by any of our branches and get assistance from our customer service officers


  • To know more about the account charges and commissions, click here to download the key fact statement

    For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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