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  • BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card

BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card

The first of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East, provides you with convenient, flexible, value-added payment solutions that let you control your business.
Now you can enjoy platinum benefits and manage your company’s expenses with prestige and convenience.

The BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card is a revolving credit card with the following features:

  • Flexible spending limits and controls enabling you to develop solutions tailored to your business needs. The limit, which is exclusively available for your company, may be distributed at your own discretion among your managers and employees and is offered at a monthly interest rate of 1.33% and Annual Percentage Rate of 17.23%.
  • A variety of billing and payment options ensuring that your payment program aligns with your business needs

With the BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card, your business will obtain the following benefits:

  • You or your employees can use the BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card for travel expenses such as hotels, meals and car rentals
  • You can monitor employee compliance with corporate travel policy and analyze your preferred vendor programs with consolidated Travel and Entertainment (T&E) information
  • You can view spending data, track and analyze expenses, and manage your spending by reports, available upon request. These reports can be provided by BLOM depending on your needs:
    • By type of merchant
    • By credit or by debit
    • Per country
    • Per currency
    • Per employee
  • For companies doing business internationally, the BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card offers periodic and on-demand reports for all the commercial card transaction data
  • A Cardholder Statement that shows account balance, activity and past due aging for a single card account during a single closed billing period

What advantages do I get with the BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card?

Concierge Service
Our Concierge Service is here to do the things you don’t have the time, patience or familiarity to do. We have a wide range of trusted partners who can deliver pretty much anything you need, anytime. Did you forget a special occasion and have to find a gift right away? Need a last minute dinner reservation or travel booking? No matter how simple or complicated the request, our Concierge Service covers it: from flowers, chocolates, balloons, and tailoring to laundry services - the list is long. Whether in Lebanon or abroad, we’ll get it done to help you make the most of your valuable time! Call us on (961)1 753 000 for service inside Lebanon or on +971 4 361 1234 for service overseas.

The BLOM Golden Points Loyalty Program
With the BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Card, you are eligible to benefit from our BLOM Golden Points loyalty program and accumulate points to redeem them with a variety of gifts and services (hotel stays, meals at prominent restaurants, airline tickets, office equipment and so on). You can choose to offer the Golden Points to the individual cardholder(s), or you can accumulate the points to be used solely by the company.
Click here to view program

Benefit from Instant Discounts
You could also enjoy exclusive discounts when making purchases at certain merchants. To know more, check the Golden Points Catalog or visit

Travel Accident Insurance
Travel accident insurance coverage of up to $ 150,000.

Info-Santé Card
Your Info-Santé card offers you 24-hour, professional medical assistance over the phone.

BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Debit Card:

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BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Credit Card:

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BLOM Visa Platinum Corporate Charge Card:

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For more information, head towards the nearest BLOM Bank branch, or contact our 24/7 Customer Service Center on +961-1-753000 anytime, any day.

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